Frequently Asked Questions

How much are tickets?

Advance tickets are $80 for the entire weekend (includes 3 days and 3 nights of camping).

Where can I get them?

Click here to purchase online with your credit card or PayPal!

Hard copy tickets can be purchased at Superior Vapes, Vaping Giant, Superior Sewing, and Telstar Motel after June 1st 2018.

Tickets at the gate?

Tickets will be available for an increased rate of $100 at the gate. Plan accordingly!

Do RV’s and Trailers need a special parking pass?

Yes, advance arrangements must be made in order to set up a trailer or RV. All trailers and RV’s setting up in the campground must be set up prior to the start of the festival. We require those who will be bringing an RV or trailer to pay for a $100 parking pass in order to accommodate the space that will be taken up.
Please contact to ensure your spot! We have limited availability! (5 RV spots total!!)

Childrens Tickets/Age Restrictions?

Children under 12 can enter at a reduced cost $25

Do you allow early entry?

Yes, however an additional cost of $10 will be charged for early entry to the festival grounds and/or early setup of a camping space.

Can I buy a Day Pass?

Unfortunately we had to discontinue the day passes as many people took advantage and stayed the whole weekend.
Having so much fun you don't want to leave is awesome, but we didn't expect the extra guests - and want to provide the best possible experience for everyone!


Refunds will not be available...

What is NOT allowed?

  • NO Fireworks, fire sticks or fire batons (this rule does not apply to scheduled performers)
  • NO Glass
  • NO Fires outside designated fire pits
  • NO Burning or collecting scavenged wood
  • NO Pets
  • NO Non-commercial vending
  • NO Generators
  • NO illicit/illegal substances - if caught in possession of illegal substances you will be asked to leave
  • NO Sales of illicit/illegal substances
  • NO Use of illicit/illegal substances - if we see you, you may be asked to leave

Where is Everything at the Festival?

Thankfully we made a Map last year to help you find your way around our constantly growing and expanding grounds.
There will always be a large copy posted at the information post at the Festival as well as included in the Festival program handed out at the gates when you arrive.



Minors (17 years and younger) must be accompanied by an adult, with a limit of two children per adult. If you are a guardian of an underage camper, you need to be with them AT ALL TIMES, including at the gate in order for them to exchange their ticket for a wristband. And remember: You’re responsible for them for the duration of the festival. If your child is left unattended you may be asked to leave. We require a contact information sheet for all attendees 17 and under, as well as an alternate contact and secondary phone number for someone off site should a guardian be separated from or unable to care for their child. All attendees 17 and under require their guardians cellphone number written on it in case of emergencies. ALL MINORS MUST HAVE A WAIVER SIGNED BY THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN



An RV parking pass ($100) reserves one parking space for a camping vehicle on the festival grounds in the designated area. You only need one parking pass per RV. Only registered camping vehicles are permitted: RVs, campers, trailers and camper vans. Tents designed specifically to attach to a truck/SUV to convert it into a living space are also permitted in the RV section. Along with your parked RV in your camp spot, you may set up one additional dining or camping tent in the spot as well. Sleeping in your car, an uncovered van or truck box is not allowed. Once inside, vehicles must not be moved except when vacating the campground. There are no in/out privileges. There will be no dumping of waste/water or garbage permitted on the Love and Kindness grounds. We reserve the right to ask you to move or reposition your vehicle in accordance of festival operations.

Vehicles pulling trailers must leave the camping area after parking the trailer.


A festival is no place for pets.
It’s hot during the day and you’re not going to be at your camp much.

Leave your pet in the care of someone who loves them or make boarding arrangements.
We won’t allow anyone with a pet (including dogs, cats, birds, rats, etc) into the festival or on the property.


Legally recognized service animals are permitted, but MUST be pre-registered with us and MUST be approved by the landowners prior to arrival.

No Place for Pets!

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