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The Love and Kindness Festival has partnered with BaySafe Harm Reduction in order to ensure harm reduction options are made available for guests who may choose to engage in risky activity.

Why is Harm Reduction Important?

Everyone loves to party!

Going out to party can be fun, but it might come with certain risks.

“Harm reduction” includes any service, product, or piece of knowledge that might reduce the risk of harm done when facing daily life.

It can be as simple and well known as the importance of wearing a seat belt while in a vehicle, or wearing a helmet while riding a bike.

Harm reduction also includes wearing earplugs when at a loud concert or festival to reduce the likelihood of acquiring hearing loss, or ensuring to drink ample amounts of water while partying to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Harm reduction could also include providing information regarding licit and illicit substances and recent trends in the party scene to reduce the risk of harm done when choosing to use substances.

The Festival neither condones nor condemns substance use, and encourages all persons to make healthy, informed decisions in regards to substance use and sexual activity.

All guests are encouraged to visit the BaySafe booth for free supplies including but not limited to: earplugs, condoms, lubricant, pocket ashtrays, drug information cards, and to review the TripSit Guide to Drug Combinations. If a guest at any time feels uncomfortable, is concerned about their safety, is intoxicated and requires support, or needs a safe place to relax and chill out, they are encouraged to the Sanctuary provided by BaySafe volunteers.

If an individual at any time feels unsafe or has experienced any type of abuse, please visit the Sanctuary for support.
The Love and Kindness Festival promotes the philosophy of consent, where no individual should ever be pressured, coerced, or have any activity done onto them without their clear, enthusiastic consent.
Please visit BaySafe for more information around consent..

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