Frequently Asked Questions

How much are tickets?

Advance tickets are $50 for the entire weekend (includes 3 days and nights of camping).

Where can I get them?

Tickets can be purchased at Superior Vapes, Thunder Games and Gifts, Sunglasses Hut @ Intercity, and The Bean Fiend. Click here for exact locations - or to purchase online with your credit card or PayPal!

Tickets at the gate?

Tickets will be available for an increased rate of $60 at the gate. Plan accordingly!

Do RV’s and Trailers need a special parking pass?

Yes, advance arrangements must be made in order to set up a trailer or RV. All trailers and RV’s setting up in the campground must be set up prior to the start of the festival. We require those who will be bringing an RV or trailer to pay for a $20 parking pass in order to accommodate the space that will be taken up.
Please contact to ensure your spot! We have limited availability!

Childrens Tickets/Age Restrictions?

Children under 12 can enter at a reduced cost $20

Do you allow early entry?

Yes, however an additional cost of $10 will be charged for early entry to the festival grounds and/or early setup of a camping space.

Can I buy a Day Pass?

Unfortunately we had to discontinue the day passes as many people took advantage and stayed the whole weekend.
Having so much fun you don't want to leave is awesome, but we didn't expect the extra guests - and want to provide the best possible experience for everyone!


Refunds will not be available...

Camping / Parking

Camping with the Love and Kindness community is a wonderful, freeing, expressive experience that can feel like an escape from the stressful reality of everyday life, but it’s important to be smart, safe, and respectful. Treat yourself and other attendees with love and kindness. Help us continue the Love and Kindness legacy of being a respectful, caring, kind and gentle community.

Camp near your friends, mark your property and your tent and take your valuables with you when leave. If you’re not camped near your friends, make friends with your neighbours!

Volunteers will patrol the campgrounds and are there to facilitate a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. It is not their mission to police your lifestyle or inhibit self-expression. Please assist them by following their instructions when asked to do so. In the event of an emergency, alert one of the organizers immediately.

We advise you to

  • Stay hydrated! By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Water taps are marked on your map.
  • Eat well. Enjoy well-balanced meals throughout the day.
  • Stay on marked trails – there could be poison ivy or sharp objects off the path
  • Be mindful and respect the boundaries of other campers
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. It can be hot and sunny one moment and cold and rainy the next!
  • If you are drinking alcohol, please do so in moderation.
  • Review the Leave No Trace policy (located below)

What should I bring?

  • Tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag
  • Tarp and rain gear
  • Cooking gear (pots, pans, camp stove)
  • Food and a cooler
  • Black garbage bags and clear recycling bags
  • Blanket or a chair
  • Wagon for your gear (to get to and from the Festival site)
  • Water bottle and jugs (look for the water taps marked by blue flags to fill up)
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • A hat for sun protection
  • Warm clothing for the cool nights
  • Comfortable shoes

What is NOT allowed?

  • NO Fireworks, fire sticks or fire batons (this rule does not apply to scheduled performers)
  • NO Glass
  • NO Fires outside designated fire pits
  • NO Burning or collecting scavenged wood
  • NO Pets
  • NO Non-commercial vending
  • NO Generators
  • NO illicit/illegal substances
  • NO Sales of illicit/illegal substances
  • NO Use of illicit/illegal substances - if we see you, you may be asked to leave

Camping FAQ's

Kinds of camping offered?

We offer a general campground for all attendees. If you have accessibility issues please email us at to make any arrangements you may require.

Community kitchen?

There is public community kitchen with a propane stove and barbeque that individuals over 18 are allowed to use. This space contains utensils and dishwashing materials in order for you to engage in safe preparation of food for yourself. Please treat the community kitchen as your own and clean up any messes you make :)

Reserved spot?

We currently do not offer campsite reservations. First come, first served.

Off-site accommodations?

There are motels available in Kakabeka, Shabaqua, and Thunder Bay. You are welcome to access this option but you may miss out on the fun of camping!

Accessible camping?

Please contact to make any arrangements.

Can I drive my gear up to the grounds?

There will be a dropoff location closer to the campground but parking at the campground is not permitted.

Is there a shuttle service for gear?

Yes, this will be available at peak times.

Carpooling/Ride Sharing?

Love and Kindness Festival has setup a Facebook group for Ride Sharing HERE.
Please carpool if you can!


Minors (17 years and younger) must be accompanied by an adult, with a limit of two children per adult. If you are a guardian of an underage camper, you need to be with them AT ALL TIMES, including at the gate in order for them to exchange their ticket for a wristband. And remember: You’re responsible for them for the duration of the festival. If your child is left unattended you may be asked to leave. We require a contact information sheet for all attendees 17 and under, as well as an alternate contact and secondary phone number for someone off site should a guardian be separated from or unable to care for their child. All attendees 17 and under require their guardians cellphone number written on it in case of emergencies. ALL MINORS MUST HAVE A WAIVER SIGNED BY THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN



An RV parking pass reserves one parking space for a camping vehicle on the festival grounds in the designated area. You only need one parking pass per RV. Only registered camping vehicles are permitted: RVs, campers, trailers and camper vans. Tents designed specifically to attach to a truck/SUV to convert it into a living space are also permitted in the RV section. Along with your parked RV in your camp spot, you may set up one additional dining or camping tent in the spot as well. Sleeping in your car, an uncovered van or truck box is not allowed. Once inside, vehicles must not be moved except when vacating the campground. There are no in/out privileges. There will be no dumping of waste/water or garbage permitted on the Love and Kindness grounds. We reserve the right to ask you to move or reposition your vehicle in accordance of festival operations.

Vehicles pulling trailers must leave the camping area after parking the trailer.

We believe in the Leave No Trace policy

Leave the festival grounds even cleaner than when you arrived. We want to make sure the Planet is left in good condition for future generations to enjoy just like we have.


A festival is no place for pets. It’s hot during the day and you’re not going to be at your camp much. Leave your pet in the care of someone who loves them or make boarding arrangements. We won’t allow anyone with a pet (including dogs, cats, birds, rats, etc) into the festival or on the property. No exceptions. Legally recognized service animals are permitted, but must be pre-registered with us and must be approved by the landowners prior to arrival.

Festival FAQ's

What are the stage hours?

12pm to 5am every day!

Lost and Found?

We have a designated lost and found that is kept in a secure space. Please inform a volunteer or organizer if you have lost something and we will assist you to the best of our ability to find it.

Chairs and Blankets at the main stage?

Yes, of course. We encourage those who want to sit in a chair or on a blanket be mindful of those who want to dance or stand. The Love and Kindness festival often has many dancers at the stage and we would love for everyone to participate.

Are Hoops, Poi, and Flow Toys allowed?

Yes, we encourage their use. We just ask that you are mindful of the space they take up. Additionally, please ask before using someone else's stuff.

Gear/Bag check

For artists and musicians we do provide a gear storage space if needed. Please ask the stage manager for more details.

How do I become a volunteer?

We require all volunteers to submit an application (available soon!) For more details about the responsibilities and perks of being a volunteer, please email

How do I become a vendor?

We require all vendors (food or goods) to submit an application. Please email for more details. Or click HERE to fill out the online application.

How do I perform music?

We had open applications until May 1st at 12:00am EST via online form. If you missed your opportunity to perform, and would still like to help please contact Please email for any other inquiries.

How do I become a non-musical performer?

We had open applications until May 1st at 12:00am EST via online form. If you missed your opportunity to perform, and would still like to help please contact Please email for any other inquiries.

How do I plan an art installation or workshop?

Please email for more information.

Harm Reduction

The Love and Kindness Festival has partnered with BaySafe Harm Reduction in order to ensure harm reduction options are made available for guests who may choose to engage in risky activity.

The Festival neither condones nor condemns substance use, and encourages all persons to make healthy, informed decisions in regards to substance use and sexual activity.

All guests are encouraged to visit the BaySafe booth for free supplies including but not limited to: earplugs, condoms, lubricant, pocket ashtrays, drug information cards, and to review the TripSit Guide to Drug Combinations. If a guest at any time feels uncomfortable, is concerned about their safety, is intoxicated and requires support, or needs a safe place to relax and chill out, they are encouraged to the Sanctuary provided by BaySafe volunteers.

If an individual at any time feels unsafe or has experienced any type of abuse, please visit the Sanctuary for support.
The Love and Kindness Festival promotes the philosophy of consent, where no individual should ever be pressured, coerced, or have any activity done onto them without their clear, enthusiastic consent.
Please visit BaySafe for more information around consent..

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