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Festival Staff

This is essentially a paid position. You are volunteering your time in exchange for free entry to the festival. This will be assigned and scheduled work. The minimum for free entry is 9 hours, but we encourage more! We will provide 1 meal for each shift worked, and prefer you do one small shift each day of the festival. You might even get to wear an official orange vest! We expect you will be sober, and treat it as a job. When representing the festival, you will be expected to act in a professional, and appropriate manner. You will be required to sign an agreement, referring to the previous 2 points. You will be expected to show up ready to work, and have fun at the same time!

Festival Volunteer

You will be buying your ticket for entry, but still want to help in an official, but casual manner. When representing the festival, you will be expected to sober, and act in a professional, and appropriate manner.If you work a minimum 3 hour shift, we will reward you with a meal voucher and a hug(optional). You will have no obligation of a minimum of maximum amount of time to work, it’s on your terms!

What to expect as a volunteer?

A lot of fun! Your helping 3 hours a day, and at worst will work until 2am. Then the night is yours. We will feed you for each shift, but still prepare some food for yourself.

Will I need to bring my own food?

Yes you should bring some of your own food. We will have food available for Volunteers, but we suggest you also have some of your own food, as this will likely be not enough to support you the entire weekend.


What to bring?

Same as any other attendees, see Camping FAQ

For anything else check out the Volunteer Group on Facebook for meetups and connecting with other volunteers.


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